Stakeholders in the Education System

In a previous post , I shared my thoughts about the “insiders” who can and should help reshape our education system.  As many readers and friends pointed out, there are also “outsiders” who need to play a part.

Parents and Education

In most cases, for better or worse, parents are the most influential person in a child’s life.  Parents need to play a direct role in their child’s education.  We need to monitor and join in their learning.  We need to communicate with teachers and other school folks who all play a role in our child’s education and work as a team.  Our children need to develop their skill set.  They also need to develop the mindset that will be necessary in the future career force – creativity, imagination, collaboration, failure, hustle.  Where the schools fail (in cultivating that mindset and also in exposing them to digital literacy and things like that) the parents must fill those voids.

Entrepreneurs and Education

Entrepreneurs should inject themselves into the education paradigm.  They know how to make something from nothing, how to rebuild something, how to hustle.  We desperately need them to engage in this conversation.  They have the resources that people listen to.  They have the experience people listen to.  They can be the perfect champions; as Brad Feld illustrates, entrepreneurs are the proper people to put and the heart of building and developing such a program.

Organizations and Education

All of our communities have many organizations interested in education, economic development, innovation, entrepreneurship.  There are government agencies, local corporations, small businesses, NGOs / non-profits.  It is critical to have the support of organizations, for field trips, for mentors, for internships, for some larger resources (although I hate to feel indebted to someone)

Combining these folks with the teachers, students, and administrators on the inside would create a phenomenally powerful education force.  It doesn’t have to be that hard.  It’s about finding someone who doesn’t seem to have an agenda and that person coordinating discussions to get things going.

2 thoughts on “Stakeholders in the Education System

  1. I think your last sentence is the key issue: It’s about finding someone who doesn’t seem to have an agenda…

    I think one of the main problems with education is that those with agendas that aren’t in the best interest of student learning have had the loudest voices and have been able to push through highly destructive policies.

    Heck! When a “consultant” with virtually no background in teaching/learning is able to hold all of the teachers in a large school district in the Los Angeles suburbs hostage because they have to use his “teaching methods” that fly in the face of everything we know about learning, then we have an example of people with agendas destroying education.

    Educators have been successfully demonized by those with the destructive agendas. It is up to others to pick up the mantle and be the voice for them so that we can get education back on track.

    1. Agreed, I think the loudest voices in education have relegated students to a minor stakeholder role for quite a long time. In the name of research, or athletics, or whatever (basically, the almighty dollar in my opinion). Hopefully with a new generation of educators stepping into our roles, and with many of them frustrated at the educational experiences that failed them, we will have a better chance at making some changes system-wide.

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