Education MVP 2.0 . . . or is it 3.0?

A New Direction (For Education and For Me)

As with any good startup, the time has come again to pivot.

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I have been throwing up random ramblings. Sometimes about education. Sometimes about entrepreneurship. Sometimes not really about either of those. I didn’t have a direction. Then I spoke with Ellen Leanse. She used exciting words like “brain hacks” and “nanospark”.

After explaining my perspective on education, and my efforts to be more deliberate in including women in entrepreneurship education, she said “you should be the voice of inclusion in entrepreneurship and education”. I hesitated at that opportunity – it got real deep real quick! Ellen then shared these words with me, from Lao Tzu:

Watch your thoughts, for they become your words.

Watch your words, for they become your actions.

Watch your actions, for they become your habits.

Watch your habits, for they become your character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

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 A New Beginning (For Education and For Me)

I’m going to focus my ramblings through this platform. I know, I’m sure I’ve said that before. But Ellen kicked me in the ass and now I really mean it! I will write about and invite others to write about:

  • Successes and failures at entrepreneurial approaches to education
  • Principles and theories and such surrounding how to construct a meaningful education system that is inclusive above all else
  • How to engage students (methodological perspective)
  • Tactics in the classroom (assuming the goal of guiding young adults toward a career)

All of this I undertake with a basic assumption: Our higher education system was originally created out of the need to create efficient cogs in a big machine. It thus focused on forecasting and planning and similar activities.

Today is not a world of big machines that need cogs. It is not a world of forecasting and planning – at least not in the way it was hundreds of years ago. Our education system has not adapted. I want to expose how it hasn’t and how it has.

What are your thoughts: how should our education system adapt to prepare students for today’s career marketplace?

One thought on “Education MVP 2.0 . . . or is it 3.0?

  1. Hi, Doan,

    I think education did a great job of training students to be perfectly adequate working for a company that was (hopefully) meeting a need in response to a (perceived) need. I also think that in large part we still do this to a more than significant part of the students attending college. But an increasing percentage of students call out for a different destiny (earlier reference to your list intended). Some students want to play a different role in companies, others think they may want to lead their own companies, and others still know they want to run their own companies. Sometime this requires us not to respond to the environment demands, but to change the environment such that they can meet the (predicted), new environment. And we SUCK at helping this type of student. They don’t fit into our mold. They don’t follow the process. We think because we’ve done this for hundreds of years that we still know what’s best – and in some cases it’s true…..but the fact is that very few get it, and fewer still actually do something about it. Expose away. Let’s get rid of tenure, at least in teaching colleges and universities. Let’s be transparent with how we allocate our money – the money often given to us from taxpayers to marshal. Let’s not tell a student “your idea stinks” and “no”…. but not candy coat the hard truth that entrepreneurship is. It’s humbling, and I’m willing to be transparent. I know you are too – it’s hard, but required, I think. And…I make plenty of mistakes that can be painful to dig deep and reflect on. But if not us, who? So, my question to you is, “who else do we have”? Let’s change the f’ing world, one student and one college at a time. I will always go once more to the breach, my friend.

    (p.s. when I said that in one of my job interviews, there was an audible laughter from the faculty crowd – don’t care about the source, but it sure stuck with me)

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