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Why “Form or Function” Sucks for Entrepreneurs

Form and function have been on my mind lately. I’ve been reading about them, about design and use, about adoption. As David Kelley of IDEO and the Stanford d.school fame has illustrated, form and function are both critical to a product’s adoption and use. Entrepreneurs need to understand this – a product should not ship without satisfying criteria for both. Form, function, design, adoption; all of these topics are admittedly interrelated. I get frustrated, thinking to myself “what entrepreneur really cares about this chicken-or-the-egg debate?”

Form is Important

Something can look cool/beautiful/simple/epic.  Or something can look lame/ugly/complicated/regular.

The luge sled looks awesome.

Form and function
Photo Credit: Voxphoto via Compfight cc

I love the toaster (weird, I know, but whatever).

Form and function
Photo Credit: Voxphoto via Compfight cc

Function Is More Important

Bottom line, though, as an entrepreneur, I want my product/service to deliver on my and its promise.

As a customer, I want to get shit done.

Product must function.

If not, the person on the luge (luger??) probably dies.

If not, your toast is burnt.

Nobody likes burnt toast (in other words, don’t get distracted by the shiny objects or the squirrel).