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The Next Disruption For the Young Entrepreneur

Inspiration disrupts my daily existence, sometimes at the right time and sometimes at an inopportune time. I can’t plan it, but I always welcome it and try to leverage it.

Photo Credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi via Compfight cc

Disruption From the Outside

Not sure which this one is, but after attending the 99% Conference, I have yet again found disruption. I’ll quickly highlight this two-day extravaganza:

I had the pleasure of visiting the Quirky offices, heard their story, shared the internrocket story with the dude who founded Canvaspop.

Joshua Klein explained the future of networking is about who you know.

Sarah Lewis shared her perspective on failure as part of the creative process.

Wendy MacNaughton (who is ridiculous, just in general) gave us a glipmse of how to document our world.

Oliver Burkeman gave us the upside of uncertainty and failure.

John Maeda discussed the intersection of design, tech, and education.

Tina Roth Eisenberg shared her incredible journey of designing, coworking, temporary tattoos, and mostly, of fun.


Robert Brunner shared the story of Ammunition and of designing products that change the game.

Joanne Wilson explained how to have a rich life while building great businesses.

Susan Gregg Koger shared her story of passion for fashion (Modcloth) and building a business around/with a community.

Jason Fried and Scott Heiferman talked about connecting with people (employees), about respecting people, and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Seth Godin answered a few questions.

Shantanu Starick shared his journey around the world using only a camera and a smile.

Hank Willis Thomas brought out the truth (about race and other topics).


Marc Ecko slayed us with the idea of staying true to our vision and values.

It was gloriously exhausting!

Where My Disruption Leads

I talked with Makerbot Academy Executive Director Jennifer Lopez about raising $1,000,000 to put a Makerbot in every single Chicago Public School.

I talked with a Wagner College grad, trustee about building an Institute for Social Innovation there to impact the students, faculty, and surrounding community.

I have a plan of (1) how to coordinate and manage the growing (350+) group of ridiculous women, and (2) how to coordinate 5 higher education institutions to help me redefine entrepreneurship education.

I have a cool idea (to me anyway!) of how to work with my son to visually document our daily existence using father-and-son Lego minifigures we build.

I get inspired by chaos, by noise, by groups of people. I am not a fan of silence, of retreating into anything to find inspiration or that creative muse. My muse, I guess, is other people’s creative energy. I love it – can’t get enough!

If I am disrupted once per day, and inspired once per day, that’s a full day. I was (both) for two solid days. It was amazing.

What inspires you?

What is your disruption?