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1 Reason I’m Tired of Numbers

Seems like everything I read nowadays is numbers.

Photo Credit: Mykl Roventine via Compfight cc

I’m tired of list posts because they are often shallow and stop short of giving the reader the meat and potatoes. And nobody (at least in their right mind!) likes getting stood up after being teased with the veggies. Quit teasing me with numbers!!!

6 Things Wrong With . . .

5 Essential Traits of . . .

10 Mistakes to Avoid When . . .

We need list posts to tell us to list post! Just tell me the story. Tell me why I shouldn’t be a lean startup, don’t give me a list. Weave me a story that draws me in and engages me learning to overcome the common mistakes in running lean startup experiments.

I like numbers – I understand and appreciate that numbers rule the world. But it’s the story surrounding the numbers that holds the power.

Why do the numbers exist?

How do I use the numbers?

What do the numbers mean?

Go deeper than the numbers. Look at the last post that is a list post. Is the meat and potatoes there? If so, kudos to that author. If not, ask that author “so what?”; make them give you more than the numbers.